I am P.S. Arabella, and I am working on writing my first book which I am giving the title of Showing Me the Way and falls under the Science Fiction genre. I have decided that while I am learning how to write this book that I want to allow people to follow me on this new adventure. I have loved writing, since I was a little girl, but the only writing I have done is writing poems and school papers. I have always been told that I have a way with words. I know that not everyone who is good at writing can write a good book, but you don’t know until you try.

     Please understand that what I will be posting is very much a rough, rough draft, so it will probably be full of mistakes and will change before I finish and publish it. Feel free to comment on anything including those mistakes, the only way I will know whether I am doing something right or wrong is if I learn about it. I have also created a Youtube channel which offers more insight into me, my book, and books I read.

     Book Synopsis: Cecelia Montez has not had an easy life, but things are finally working out for her when an unexpected event changes everything. Now, she will have to face new worlds that threaten to test her limits of survival. She will have to decide whether to continue to hide in the dark where she feels safe or finally face her fears and let the light show her the way to live free?

     I look forward to sharing my journey and my first book with you!!!


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