Chapter 1: Part 1

     Alone, in the dark, hiding. No, no, please don’t let them find me. Someone was looking for her. Did they want to hurt her? She didn’t know, so she stayed still, quiet hoping that they would never find her. Cecelia awoke with a start.

     The nightmare again, she thought. She curled her legs up to her chest waiting for her body to stop shaking. Closing her eyes she counted to herself. One, two, three breathe. Eventually, she got up and went to the bathroom to splash some water on her face hoping that it would help clear her mind. Ahh, she looked horrible. Like she had seen a ghost, and in a way, she had. Back in her room, she glanced over at the alarm clock; it was only 2:15 a.m. She knew from experience that she would not be able to get back to sleep, so she went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Maybe, it would help revive her. She certainly would not want to go to work in a few hours feeling the way she did now.

Cecelia worked at a hospital in New York City as a trauma surgeon. Some might be daunted by living in a big city and working in a trauma center in the middle of the Big Apple, but she had grown up here. This was her home, and she wanted to do whatever she could to help its people even if it meant only saving one person. Of course, it was never easy having to deal with the ones she couldn’t save, but she had firsthand experience with the crap that life would throw her way.  To help her deal with the difficulties of her job as well as her life, she found it easier to just close herself off to the world. Of course, she also went to see her therapist, Dr. Brown. He was an old goat, but he was the closest thing she had to family now. When she was a child she had been assigned to his office. They both had been much younger then, and as she grew up, he got more clients, but he always kept space and time available for her.


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