Chapter 1: Part 3

After pouring herself a cup of coffee, she sat down at her computer. As the screen came to life, she could see the last thing she had searched on there. What happens to us when we die? She got asked that all the time whether by her patients, their families, or even the staff. Who knows why they thought she knew the answer to that? Sure, she had seen a lot of death and had saved many from that fate, but she was no closer to understanding that than anyone else. It seemed everyone had a different opinion about it. Some people believe that nothing would happen when they died that they would simply not exist anymore. Some people believe that they would be reborn into another person, an animal or something else. Some people believe that they would go to heaven or hell depending on whether they were good or bad. There were so many different ideas and opinions that one would never be able to list them all.

Hmmm, what’s this article? She clicked on one of the articles from the search result. It was about a study done on people who had life after death experiences to discover whether there were any similarities. This study did show some patterns in life after death experiences, but there certainly was not enough evidence to prove beyond a doubt that there was life after death. It is amazing how much technology has allowed us to learn about science, the universe, and the human body, but there were some things that not even technology has been able to determine. Many of the patients that she had resuscitated after they had technically died told her about what they saw or heard. She didn’t question that they had thought those things had happened, but she did question whether it was really heaven or some form of life after death. She did believe that something happens after we die, because it was too depressing to consider that this was it that her mother and those she had loved were just gone. Perhaps one day, someone will find a way to answer this question without having to die.


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