Chapter 1: Part 4

After some more reading and searching, she got up and stretched then went to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work. She worked more than she was home which is probably why her place was always tidy that and she had a cleaning service come in twice a week to do her laundry, dishes, and tidy up. She was definitely a classic case of a work-a-holic, but most doctors she knew were. She didn’t really have time for friends or animals. Besides, in her experience, it was better not to get attached to anything or anyone.  But as she looked in the mirror at herself, sometimes she wondered if that was just a lie she told herself. Sometimes, she missed the laughter of family. The closeness that came from knowing someone would always be there for you. Shaking her head, no it was better this way. No attachments, no pain.

After her shower, she put her clothes on and made sure everyone she needed was in her backpack. She might be there for a while. She grabbed her bike and went down the elevator nonchalantly saying goodbye to the doorman who held the door open for her. Routine, everything was a routine. She jumped on her bike and off she went. She didn’t live very far from the hospital, so riding her bike there wasn’t such a big deal. Besides, in this city, it was an easier form of transportation, because she could just zoom between traffic. After securing her bicycle to its normal and secure location, she went into the hospital and to the locker room where she kept her bag and an extra pair of clothes just in case. Getting in her scrubs, she went right to work. There was always plenty to do.


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