Chapter 1: Part 5

“Hey Cece.” Cecelia knew exactly who it was without even turning around. “Hello, Isabelle. How are you doing today,” she inquired. Cece was a nickname her mother had given her, and her family had always used, but after their death, Cecelia stopped using the nickname, and she never got close enough to anyone for them to feel like they could give her a nickname. But, Isabelle was one of those woman who was friends with everyone. Isabelle was one of the nurses at the hospital, and everyone adored her especially her patients.  “I’m doing super. I just got done talking to Jona. Did you know she is an artist who has had her work featured worldwide. Isn’t that awesome? How are you doing,” asked Isabelle. “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” Isabelle laughed which caused Cecelia to look over at her in surprise. What was so funny? And, as if in answer to her unspoken question, Isabelle responded. “You always say that. Almost like a robot,” she giggled. Obviously finding that thought funny. “Well, what else am I supposed to say then,” questioned Cecelia. “Well, you could actually say the truth for once. You could say what you did last night. You know just something about yourself.” Isabelle was looking directly at her now making Cecelia feel like she was being interrogated or something. Cecelia sighed, “Alright, well I read a little last night and watched an episode or two of Buffy before going to bed. Does that work?” Isabelle jumped up then threw her arms around Cecelia all while squealing. “Oh, I’m going to tell everyone. They won’t believe me. That’s awesome. I love Buffy too. Which one did you watch? What did you read? Oh, I have to tell the girls” then off she went down the hallway. Cecelia just stood there momentarily stunned then shook her head before resuming her work.


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